Wellbore clean-up

Our environmentally friendly wellbore clean-up products provide an effective method to clean up mud residues and improve final well productivity.

Our wellbore clean-up products CW-20 and CW-12 are chemical washes made up from synergistic blends of surfactant/solvent that are utilised as a cleaner in a number of different applications.


CW-20 and CW-12 are used for casing cleaning, rig washing, pit cleaning and general removal of oil-based drilling fluid residues from equipment and are used as a pre-flush ahead of a weighted spacer. They were designed to dissolve and emulsify hydrocarbon fractions of mud residues to prepare the well for receiving cement. Both products are highly effective in divalent brines, and can be applied with polymer viscosifiers to modify rheology.


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Chemical wash CW-20 is a green product.