Oil Slop Breaker

Reducing costs & environmental impact by treating oil slops at the source

Treating slops with Aubin’s oil slop breakers maximizes oil phase recovery and lowers operating costs by treating drilling fluid slops at the source.

Our OSB range can significantly lower the environmental footprint of your waste management operations, whilst increasing oil recovery and reducing the costs associated with processing drilling fluid returns typically shipped and treated onshore. Our green emulsion breaker for drilling fluids is used in the "slop treatment" to break emulsions in drilling fluid returns.  

Our OSB emulsion breakers for drilling fluids actively work to break "slop oil" emulsions allowing FOR THE SEPARATION OF OIL AND WATER FROM MUD AND CUTTING RETURNS & Clean water to be recycled in an environmentally responsible way.


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Emulsion breaker OSB-01 is a green product.