Aubin has developed a range of green spacers for displacing drilling fluids and preventing fluid incompatibility.

Aubin's green spacer products CSP-500 and CSS-01 prevent compatibility problems between the cement slurry and the drilling mud, greatly improving mud removal and cement performance. Aubin spacers can be tailored to suit all types of drilling fluid.


The principal purpose of these products is as a pre-treatment for cementing operations to improve bonding to casing and formation through improved mud removal and water wetting. This function is key to achieving a strong cement bond for well integrity.


Example: During cementing operations CSS-01 would typically be deployed at a volume that provides a 500ft long column in the annulus ahead of the cement slurry.


The efficient removal of drilling fluids is essential to successful cementing operations. Mud remaining on pipe or formation surfaces, or present as channels through the cement commonly cause loss of isolation of permeable zones under different pressures. The well bore must be cleared to remove drilling fluids and leave surfaces water wet. This in turn leads to a good cement bond.


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Cement spacers CSP-500 and CSS-01 are green products.