DEEPFLOAT begins as a liquid and can be pumped to fill any void to provide buoyant force.

DeepFloat technology is a low-viscosity, low-density liquid material which can be cast into a non-syntactic permanent buoyancy product. The product begins as a liquid and can be pumped to fill any void. When set in position, the product allows consistent lift performance regardless of water depth and reduces the need for additional buoyancy.



DeepFloat can be moved into a tank, bag or tubular frame to accurately control the buoyant force and reduce the submerged weight of an object, offering flexible lifting control in depths of up to 3,000 metres.


DeepFloats compressive strength in a variety of applications prevents wall collapse, allows reduction in pipe wall thickness and can achieve neutral buoyancy.


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DeepFloat begins as a pumpable liquid and sets when in position to form solid buoyancy.