Surface tension reducers

Our surface tension reducers are used in stimulation jobs worldwide.

Aubin's surface tension reducers are surfactants which are used in stimulation jobs worldwide, and adjusted to individual job requirements. Our team developed SS-920, a surface active agent used in acids, brines and water based fluids.


The reduction of capillary pressures between stimulation fluids and the producing fluids in the formation results in a rapid clean up after stimulation, and a lowering of the aqueous phase saturation in the rock. This contributes to a higher relative permeability to the producing phase. If additional non-emulsifiers or anti-sludge agents are included in the treating fluid, the surface tension will be slightly higher than with SS-920 alone.


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Example SS-920 was used to reduce the surface tension of acids from their initial value of 72dynes/cm to approximately 20dynes/cm.