Acid corrosion inhibitors

SAI-310 is our most effective CORROSION inhibitor, able to work up to 200°F. IT can also be extended to 300°F.

Aubin has developed acid corrossion inhibitors SAI-310 and SAI-02 to protect your downhole equipment and tubulars. 


Acids and corrosive materials are used to enhance production and to stimulate reservoirs therefore special care is required to ensure that casing, tubing strings and downhole equipment are not damaged and corroded. Without our specialist corrosion inhibitors, these acids would quickly destroy well equipment and tubulars.


SAI-310 is a quaternary surfactant mixed with a blend of solvents and co-surfactants and performs in hydrochloric acid of concentrations up to 28%. 


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SAI-310 is effective in temperatures up to 200°F but this can be extended to 300°F through the use of in SAI-02 intensifier.