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LiquiBuoy system performs controlled lift of spool piece using ROVs

Everyone at Aubin Subsea is delighted to present the first video from the LiquiBuoy subsea lifting trial. Watch the video below to see the LiquiBuoy system performing a controlled lift of a spool piece with ROVs.


The trial confirmed that the LiquiBuoy lifting system can offer a new level of control and precision when manoeuvring structures subsea. The ability to instantaneously control and adapt buoyancy levels rendering structures neutrally buoyant allows an ROV to seamlessly lift, move and guide objects subsea.


The lifting systems have been engineered to lower impact on deck space and reduce reliance on heavy lifting vessels and cranes. The current set up can lift a structure weighing up to 25T at a 200m depth, this system comprises of:


  • Storage tanks
  • Progressive cavitation pumps (PCPs)
  • Hose reelers
  • Hoses
  • Lifting bags
  • Control system


LiquiBuoy and DeepBuoy are liquid buoyancy systems that can render objects of any weight neutrally buoyant. Operated by ROVs, the systems offer precise control for lifting structures from the seabed, removing reliance on heavy crane-lifting vessels.