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AXI-Lokk Case Study - Restoring integrity within breached platform leg

We are excited to showcase Aubin Integrity’s new AXI-Lokk case study. Offshore integrity breaches are often found in hard-to-reach locations and are therefore difficult to repair. Aubin Integrity have developed a suite of solutions with sealing and plugging capabilities to address these challenges.


The animation highlights a serious breach in the leg of an offshore platform. Without an urgent solution, such breaches can result in platform shutdowns, pipelines closures and a variety of other dangerous and costly scenarios. 

After the identification of the breach, we deployed AXI-Lokk within 7 days, tailored to cure at the desired subsea location.  The product was engineered to our clients specifications and passed government and environmental regulations. AXI-Lokk is a temporary or permanent sealing and grouting material used to establish, or re-establish an impermeable pressure-retaining barrier. To find out more about AXI-Lokk click here or contact David Aitken, Subsea & Integrity Product Manager.