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Aubin Underwater Lifting System showcased at funding announcement for National Decommissioning Centre of Excellence

Today Aubin has been showcasing its latest subsea lifting technology – the Underwater Lifting System (ULS) to industry leaders and Paul Wheelhouse, MSP - Minister for Business, Innovation & Energy. Paul Wheelhouse announced earlier today, that the Decommissioning Challenge Fund has awarded the Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) £1.9 million to invest in the National Decommissioning Centre of Excellence.

Joining a panel of leading experts in the energy field, Aubins CEO Paddy Collins takes part in a discussion around the opportunities and challenges of decommissioning in the North East, hosted by the OGTC at the home of the National Decommissioning Centre of Excellence.

The ULS uses Aubin’s patented pumpable buoyancy technology that renders objects neutrally buoyant, allowing ROVs and divers to manoeuvre objects on the seabed with ease. Tested at Aberdeen University’s OceanLab facility, the system is suitable for installation, remedial work and removal, offering a simple, controllable way of placing, recovering and moving infrastructure subsea.

When deployed, the ULS performs lifting operations underwater, therefore reducing the requirement for expensive vessel mounted cranes and reducing time delays such as “waiting on weather” a common challenge in the North Sea. The Aubin ULS is set to improve safety, reduce cost and offer operators a solution for many challenging subsea lifting operations.


Watch our ULS in action: