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Aubin showcasing innovative solutions at Subsea Expo 2014

Aubin Group will be launching its proven new integrity management (IM) products to the global market as well as presenting on the revolutionary IM and innovative fixed and variable buoyancy solutions at this year’s Subsea Expo.


Following the successful launch of our integrity division earlier this year, Aubin Group will have representatives on-hand to discuss our IM capabilities. These capabilities have been designed to provide temporary or permanent fixes to restore integrity and safety to offshore assets, often in urgent situations requiring a rapid response.


AXI-Lokk, a gel product capable of forming an isolation plug to secure damaged sections of pipeline breaches, will be available for demonstrations on-stand. The product proved its worth for the first time earlier this year when it helped to resolve an operator’s major integrity issue in the leg of a North Sea platform by creating an internal pipework sealant in record time. The product was easily applied into a difficult to reach area, enabling repair intervention following the serious breach.


Aubin Subsea will also be demonstrating its buoyancy control products, including DeepFloat, DeepBuoy and LiquiBuoy, pumpable fixed and variable buoyancy technology that can move submerged objects in order to save operators time and cost without relying on specialist vessels and personnel.


With a ground-breaking approach to subsea lifting operations, our lifting systems use liquid and gel technology in holding/controlling receptacles in a number of versatile configurations to control the placement, recovery and manoeuvring of objects to, from and on the seabed.


In addition to showcasing our products, we have secured two presentation slots at the exhibition to discuss our subsea and IM capabilities. Subsea Business Director Serena Arif will speak on precision buoyancy control, outlining Aubin Subsea’s cutting-edge subsea lifting techniques made possible by a unique buoyancy product line capable of controlled and precise movements at depths up to 4,000 metres.


Subsea Product Line Manager Dave Aitken will also be presenting, speaking on Aubin Integrity’s IM products and giving a deeper look into how the company’s materials can be tailored to the physical properties of a pipeline or structure to extend the lifespan of offshore assets. By forming impermeable barriers, Aubin Integrity’s IM products can control breaches in hard-to-reach locations such as offshore platform legs. The IM line’s range of applications also includes strengthening and restoring integrity to offshore structures as well plugging and abandonment for decommissioning pipelines. Mr Aitken will expand on how the products can be developed to bespoke properties, viscosities and specific gravities for repair or replacement of damaged areas.


Aubin Group has been consistently innovating and developing our product and service offering of bespoke solutions for the subsea industry. One of the most revolutionary areas of expertise from our subsea division has been the variable buoyancy technology, and the company has made game-changing advancements in the development of its products for subsea lifting.


Aubin Subsea is the only company with a finished product line of subsea lifting technology including a range of cutting-edge fixed and variable buoyancy, insulation and sealing products. Aubin Subsea’s suite of versatile products has been developed to provide considerable time-saving, environmentally responsible and safe lifting solutions able to move and lift submerged objects at depths up to 4,000 metres.


Aubin Subsea’s patented technology, DeepBuoy and LiquiBuoy, are gel-based products that enable this innovative offering, facilitating precise subsea lift and movement to place or recover items on the seabed. Proven in pilot runs, the technology is ground-breaking in the field with its ability to provide quick and effective subsea lifting and manoeuvring solutions across a range of situations where traditional methods cannot be used.


The company’s DeepFloat technology can create buoyancy to lift objects of any weight. DeepFloat can be supplied as a liquid to be injected into hollow frames or shapes, and then modified to become a buoyant elastic solid. The technology offers benefits to a vast array of applications, reducing the submerged weight of subsea structures whilst providing consistent lift performance regardless of depth and without additional buoyancy support.


With turnkey solutions to any subsea construction, decommissioning, renewable, or inspection repair maintenance (IRM) project, Aubin Group provides dedicated engineering support along with our products for a full service offering truly unique to the industry.