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Aubin launch cost saving Underwater Lifting System

Aubin has released footage from a successful trial of their Underwater Lifting System (ULS) recently conducted at Aberdeen University’s OceanLab facility. Aubin has been engaged with the university in a two-year knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) funded by Innovate UK. The ULS is designed to allow ROVs and divers to move objects with ease using a patented, low density, incompressible liquid that when pumped renders objects neutrally buoyant.



Suitable for installation, remedial work and removal, Aubin’s ULS offers a simple, controllable means of placing, recovering and moving infrastructure on the seabed.


Because it reduces the requirement for vessel mounted cranes and “waiting on weather” risks the Aubin ULS is set to improve safety, reduce cost and offer operators a solution for many challenging subsea lifting operations.


Speaking earlier today Aubin CEO Paddy Collins said “the ULS is an excellent example of what can be achieved when universities and SME’s work together”. Visitors to Subsea Expo can learn about the ULS by visiting Aberdeen University’s stand 149 from 7th - 9th Feb 2018.