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Aubin Group launches Decommissioning Chemicals Toolbox of Proven Technologies

Chemical and materials technology company Aubin Group has launched a ‘Decommissioning Chemicals Toolbox’ of proven technologies to support the decommissioning of mature assets in a low risk, cost effective and environmentally sound manner.


The toolbox comprises of field proven solutions that have improved well plugging and abandonment, sealing, waste treatment, tank cleaning, oil displacement, pigging, asset removal and pipeline decommissioning operations around the globe.


Paddy Collins, Aubin Group CEO, said: “Decommissioning is an inevitable part of the oil and gas lifecycle but it is currently a relatively immature sector in the North Sea. This presents the opportunity to do things differently which is at the heart of what Aubin does. We are driven by a commitment to continuous innovation supported by more than 25 years’ experience as a trusted technical partner.


The company is driven by innovation and last year invested approximately 25% of turnover into R&D, commercialising 15 brand new products bringing them up to a total of 9 global patents.


“From well plugging and abandonment using our cement additives, to sealing structures with AXI-Lokk and pipeline pigging using EVO-Pig which works with our pipeline gels to treat and clean pipelines without challenging integrity, Aubin can offer numerous solutions that make decommissioning projects lower-risk, cost effective, environmentally safe and successful.”


As a group, Aubin specialise in the development, testing and delivery of chemicals for cementing, stimulation, fracturing, production enhancement, buoyancy, ballast, insulation, pipeline pigging and cleaning, sealing and plugging operations.



Product development and innovation are pivotal to the company’s success. in 2013, Aubin received £2.25million from the Business Growth Fund (BGF) to develop and commercialise new technology. Approximately one quarter of the company's staff are employed in research and development activities.