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Aubin Group exhibiting at Decom Offshore

We are exhibiting at Decom Offshore at the AECC, Aberdeen on 27th May 2014. As a developer of new technologies, we are constantly researching and testing our products to ensure that they can effectively perform in a number of operating environments and in a range of applications. Come and visit us at stand number 1 where we will be available to demonstrate and discuss the role that our products and services can play in decommissioning offshore structures. Read our "3 Steps To Effective Decommissioning" to find out more.

3 steps to effective decommissioning

Since the introduction of offshore drilling, structures and pipework under the sea have been working hard to deliver oil and gas to our shores. However many of these structures are aging or have been out-dated by newer technology, creating a need for these structures to be removed. Decommissioning old or expired offshore structures is a new focus for the industry, but there needs to be a safe, environmentally friendly and effective way to perform these complex operations.


Pigging vulnerable pipelines. Aging pipelines ready for decommissioning must be cleaned to ensure the removal of hydrocarbons. 


EVO-Pig offers an ingenious way to treat and clean pipelines for decommissioning without damaging or challenging the integrity of these often weakened structures. With shape-memory technology, EVO-Pig can navigate bends and multibore pipelines whilst effectively cleaning scaled, telescopic or otherwise restricted pipelines.


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Sealing integrity. Isolating decommissioned structures from live operating assets is an essential part of removing structures safely. 


AXI-Lokk is ideal for use in decommissioning structures and pipework because it forms an impervious pressure retaining barrier.

AXI-Lokk ensures containment of any pipe contents whilst also preventing ingress from external sources. Watch our video below to find out more about AXI-Lokk's sealing capabilities.


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Safe and controlled lifting. Once a structure has been sealed and separated from operating assets, it is ready to be lifted and removed.


LiquiBuoy and DeepBuoy are liquid buoyancy systems that can render objects of any weight neutrally buoyant. Operated by ROV, the systems offer precise control for lifting structures from the seabed, removing reliance on heavy crane-lifting vessels.


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We design, develop and supply chemistry-based, enabling technology and engineering services to the global oil and gas industry.

By combining engineering clout and chemical expertise, we deliver inventive solutions to tackle complex energy challenges. Our original and collaborative approach has generated bespoke engineering solutions for major service companies and national oil companies in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.