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Aubin expands its services with integrity management expertise

Offshore materials technology and engineering specialist Aubin Group has launched new integrity management and subsea divisions, Aubin Integrity and Aubin Subsea, in response to demand from the oil and gas industry.


The Aubin Integrity division will provide ground-breaking solutions to urgent challenges facing operators of aging offshore infrastructure both in the UKCS and internationally as well as permanent fixes. Aubin Integrity recently helped resolve one operator’s major integrity issue in the leg of a North Sea platform through development of its AXI-Lokk P technology to create an internal pipework sealant on an asset in record time enabling repair intervention following a serious breach in integrity.  The integrity division also worked with another operator to seal a breach in the external sheath of a riser in West Africa in an operation using a diver to apply the AXI-Cast sealant. In both cases, Aubin Integrity has devised solutions within days and, in the North Sea case, also secured regulatory approval.


Paddy Collins, CEO of Aubin, said: “Many of the assets in the North Sea were built to last 25 years and are still producing well beyond their original lifespans. This inevitably brings with it integrity issues. Our range of products can provide quick and easy to deploy, temporary or permanent fixes if there is a leak in flexible (and rigid) pipework by creating a seal around or within a breach.


Aubin is advancing its line of integrity products, including AXI-Cast, which can be utilised in subsea repairs, along with AXI-Lokk and AXI-Gard, which are used for corrosion mitigation and plugging. The range of integrity products has been designed to work at temperatures up to 120°C with tailored specific gravity and viscosity selection to suit breach location.


The company’s new developments follow a £2.25million investment in 2013 from the Business Growth Fund. Aubin has recently welcomed new members of staff including a business development director, and has plans for continued recruitment as it continues to grow in new markets in Russia and the Middle East.