At Aubin, our driving force is creating and providing products which enhance gas production and prolong the life of assets.  Our clients were looking for a high performance foamer that was effective in high temperatures and able to deliquify and restore pressure in wells with fluids containing a high levels of condensate.


After two years extensive research and testing, Aubin’s R&D department has focused on surfactant based foaming agents which are suitable for a variety of brines, temperatures and condensate levels and has unlocked a new gas well deliquification solution for customers. Aubin’s new ‘green’ foamer range is able to foam above 0% to 90% condensate saturated gas wells.


Laboratory testing methods involved dynamic liquid unloading technique via a test rig apparatus and column tests via bubbling gas at the bottom of a cylinder, which aim either to remove a percentage of total liquids from the column or evaluate the quality of the foam generated.


Both operators and service companies have verified the laboratory performance of our new product range, leading to field trials in the North Sea and Mainland Europe. The new foamers comply with North Sea and European Regulations without substitution warnings, as defined by CEFAS and REACH protocols, standards that customers work to in oil and gas regions around the world. This development provides an OPEX alternative gas well deliquification solution to the CAPEX mechanical lift operations.THE PERFORMANCE & RESULTS

Test results have shown a significant deliquification percentage, up to 90%, for highly loaded condensate wells, and in a variety of brines, unlike existing foamers.  The most impressive result was that the SFA foamers can still achieve 90% deliquification of fluids, even when well fluids contain 90% condensate. A feat that has not previously been achieved by an environmentally friendly chemical treatment.


Aubin’s SFA range of foamers can provide a tailored solution to cope with your well conditions, because of their effective performance in various brines, condensate levels and temperatures.  Aubin is committed to enhancing production and extending the life of fields and is planning to share field trial results in the future. 

Aubin’s new environmentally friendly foamer range is able to foam in 0% to 90% condensate saturated gas wells, achieving 90% deliquification for enhancing well production.